About us

    We often hear that information is power. Knowledge is what’s powerful, and information is its power source. Knowledge gained from information can change the world. And as Nelson Mandela once said, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon.’ 

    In today’s digital age, there is a bottomless sea of information that can bombard. It is not always easy to see among all the distractions. It has never been more important than today to get an unobstructed view from the right sources. Inspired by the issues that led to the creation of Black Lives Matter, we have decided to embark on a journey to support this life-changing movement. We stand for “liberty and justice for all,” and Black America is no exception. We are with all the citizens, businesses, and organizations that invest in this cause. Black lives matter and are equally important as the lives of any other persuasions. I am embarrassed to have to articulate those words in the 21st Century. Why would anyone think otherwise?

     Welcome to Black & Equal – the news platform with an unobstructed view of equality and justice issues for Black America. We hear you; we see you, and we want to fight alongside you with the best weapon possible: information. We honor you, and we strive to offer you the convenience of timely content in one locale that will change the lives of Black Americans and allow all citizens who support “liberty and justice for all” to become aware of the latest developments. We are in the developing stages, so feel free to let us know what movement material you need at your fingertips, and we will highlight it, if workable.    Black America and those who fight for equal treatment for black people need data for strategic planning and action. That is why our news platform exists. The truth stands at the center of our core values, and we use our media channels to offer you prompt updates on the equality and racial justice issues we face each day.    Black & Equal strives to uncover the systemic inequality that we are all a part of. We give you the tool you need to quickly access Black America’s equality issues, with the purpose to dismantle inequality and its oppression once and for all. 
The Equality Desk StaffSigned Juneteenth, 2020

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